Who is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes, then renouncing to sign it, an original text based on the ideas of a client, who in this way can boast the total authorship of the work produced. The “ghost writer” (or shadow writer) is an author who writes on commission, staying behind the scenes.

A ghostwriter also performs tasks as an editor, or proofreader, but differs from these roles in that he does not only work on existing texts but is often measured with the design and writing of unpublished texts (books and other products). editorials, product and service descriptions, website content, public speeches).

Why do you need to contact a ghostwriter?

In order for your text to seem the work of an expert, you need an expert to write it. A bad shape can alter the perception of a good substance. For example, you could be the most experienced man in your field, but not have the same writing skills, with the result of producing a text that will not reflect your expertising. You may simply not have the time to produce a good text (whose revision phase is no less demanding, in terms of time, than those of ideation and editing): with a good ghostwriter you would instead have the certainty of reaching the finish line, and in perfectly calculable times. Even the best authors often use ghostwriters.

How are rights managed in a ghostwriting job?

Paternity and rights are always of the customer. The reputation in this work is also determined by the respect of this point. Our ghostwriting agency is run by serious people, observant of the stipulated agreements, of the deontological code that should always guide every profession, and of the ethical code that they voluntarily gave themselves to fulfill their business mission.

We concretely protect the client and his idea from the beginning, through contracts that regulate the professional relationship in a clear and profitable way for both parties.

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