How to find a good ghost writer?

A good ghostwriter really has no price because his job will be the witness of yours. In real life every job has its lazy and in the activity of writing texts (such as copywriting, ghostwriting, or script) laziness often manifests itself in the little dedication, resulting then in the text, which will also be “tired” ; other times in using a limited inventory of “moods” (like a voice actor who can only make a couple of voices). It also happens more often that lazy ghostwriters or not at all proud of the uniqueness of their role copy the texts of others. There are sensational cases of copying “step by step”, from the CIA reports on Iraq to the speeches of local politicians, partially copied from those of the opposing party. This copying is a stupid practice that has no excuse except in stupidity itself, because copying is more tiring than creating (in order to copy you must first search, read and check), and that represents a humiliating declaration of impotence by those puts in place. Let him say, o benevolent visitor, to find a real ghostwriter you have to look for a real man. And if you came here, you were so lucky that you found four of them.

Seriously: a good ghost writer must be intelligent, patient, educated (but not too much, because there is not too much distance between him and your audience), creative, and above all a lover of his work. Writing for you the ghostwriter takes care of your image with your audience; that’s why it’s important that you choose the person who will represent you well. The one who represents you must be able to first grasp the aspects of you (or your business) that you want to bring out, and then translate them into the language most suited to your audience.

This site has many texts so that you can check its quality. If you visit a ghostwriting site and you come across poor fluency, bad punctuation or some spelling and even grammar mistakes, then it is very likely that you have not been to a good ghostwriter because a professional writes fluently. and he does not sow either grammar or spelling errors, since he rereads his texts. And if he did his job badly, imagine how zealous your …

We work for companies, private citizens, institutions, public figures and celebrities (on 8 August 2014, barely two years after the opening of our professional writing agency, we can already boast customers on 4 continents) but, as ghost writers , we cannot boast all our work. However, it is possible to test our ability in the field, through a test that will be performed after a 75% refundable deposit, in case the customer does not like the text produced. Professionally, we are very confident.

We have recently introduced a quality self-certification containing a challenge: if you find a single mistake in our text, you win a professional writing service worth 150 euros.

“I have already written my book and I only need an editor; am I in the right place?”

You are in the best possible places: we can choose among our staff the most suitable professional to act as editor to your text, we have human prices and we always ensure a relaxed relationship and a highly professional result, a modern and elegant writing that will not risk bore your reader.

Ours is a “turnkey” editing service: we do not limit ourselves to reporting the necessary improvements but we make them without delay, giving back to the client a well packaged text, ready to be spent on the publishing market.

Check out the details and prices of our editing service.

What does text editing consist of and what is it used for?

In a nutshell, “literary editing” means the process of stylistic and content revision that makes the book more expendable, more enjoyable in the eyes of the reader. A book is a complex product that requires numerous steps. Writing is only the first of these passages, which can only be followed by editing and correction.

The text of a book is a definitive text that, once published, remains long before the eyes of anyone who wants to read it. For this reason it is necessary that it is correct, that its shape is the optimal one. A text with obvious imperfections represents a lack of respect for the reader (whether this is the Kindle audience, or a publisher to which you are asking to publish the book). Especially to a debut writer, errors, improper language or style failures are hardly forgiven, which negatively predispose towards the text and its author. The editing and correction processes serve to guarantee the text to be free from imperfections, to improve its shape and to allow its better use.

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