Is the publication of my book included in your professional writing services?

No. We are not publishers or agents. The services we offer are those for which we are dedicated and prepared; only by focusing on these can we offer a professional quality writing service.

However we can advise you, guide you and help you write your cover letter, abstract and synopsis, and finally to advertise your book on the web (see the next point).

Do you work to promote the book I would like to publish on a self-publishing platform?

We support authors who choose self publishing with targeted and concrete marketing that gives visibility, credibility and palatability to the book and to the writer’s character. We provide the “fundamentals” of product promotion because, before finding a reader, your book must find a buyer. Those of the reception of the public and of the sale are two distinct processes also in the requisites they require to be activated: the first is satisfied only with a good writing while the second only with a good promotion.

The publication of a book is a complex commercial operation that should be planned before it is even started. It is not enough to assign an ISBN and to sell it on a good distribution channel (unless you talk about shelves that can only guarantee a great publisher but, even in this case, to emerge you’ll need his promotion ).

We value and publicize authors and their work by creating a web page dedicated to the work (with an inviting abstract, information on the author, index, preface, possible reading samples and reviews, a contact form direct, etc.), the planning of “social” activities (Facebook page or blog, or even both solutions, depending on the author’s aptitudes), an effective editing of the press kit and formal correspondence, the supervision of all texts concerning the work to be promoted.

Through targeted advice, we can assist the author from the conception phase through to the sale of the book. We also follow the writer in evaluating the various virtual sales channels and understanding the related self-publishing mechanisms.

Speaking of ebooks, our writing services always include text formatting, the application of editorial rules, the creation of internal links (such as those linking the index to the chapters, necessary on the ebook), and free conversion in html formats filtered (to publish the book in Kindle, on Amazon) and pdf (to run the text in a common and non-editable format).

Why is there no evaluation of unpublished services?

We do not offer an unpublished evaluation service substantially because we do not believe that it can have real utility for our customers. We consider it unnecessary to identify and suggest to the author the weaknesses of his work, because in most cases he will not be able to intervene on his own to obviate them in the best way. If we have to spend time explaining how to intervene, we might as well intervene, certain of achieving the result we preach. What is the point of reading a work for work without even correcting the errors encountered during reading? From our point of view, it would only be a matter of wasting a ride. Every text is perfectible: if we asked you for money just to read a text, we should then ask you for more to perfect it. And again: a simple reading is not enough to properly evaluate a text. To give a judgment of spendability to a completed text we must think about it, imagining the possible evolutions that the subject of that text allows, its ideal target segment and the saturation of the reference market. Its intrinsic qualities are not enough for a product to be sold. The sale takes place only when the offer meets the demand; the world is full of unknown talents. We are ghostwriters, not critics: they pay us to act, not to judge; judgment is implicit in action, correction or editing, which necessarily follows a critical reading of the text.

If you really have talent, why do you write books for others and not for you?

Basically because it is much more profitable. If I wrote a novel and entrusted it to a publisher, and that book was quite successful, with the percentage that the publisher would pay me on sales (on average 4-8%), I could also aspire to earn 10,000 euros in one year ( it is a decidedly optimistic calculation). But then, I should find a good idea for the next book, plan its structure, imagine the narrative structure and related mechanisms, and finally write it, correct it, propose it again and negotiate with the publisher, activities that would probably take me, all together, a year whole. While writing for others, I can write up to three books a year, which I sell from 7000 to 9000 euros each (and sometimes even more, if those who commission me the book has already been successful with the previous one I wrote). Furthermore, I can also earn from other more “marginal” writing activities, such as proofreading, editing, copywriting, writing speeches, articles or entire websites. In exchange, I obviously renounce the ambition of fame (which is only partially true, participating with satisfaction of my clients).

Having now decided to make ghostwriting my job, there is also another reason for not publishing in my name. Personally, I have a novel ready for at least a couple of years and other projects that maybe one day I will have time to give to the market but I already know that I will spend my literary products with a pseudonym because, if I had success with a light writing , I lose all the most committed clients, tending the culture to represent the authors with clichés. In short, it is a question of strategy: Giacomo Casanova described that of the writer as “the poorest of all trades”; that’s why we make ghostwriters and not “writers”, aiming not at fame but only at making what we like best and what we best know how to do, that is, write. That being said, two of us have ventured into the publication of novels (in the past, because today they would not have the time), but always covered by a pseudonym.

Technically, how do you learn to write texts in a professional manner?

The writer is convinced that the only secret is to read a lot. Using a language means making a good choice among the many possible combinations: the more combinations you have available, the more targeted your choice will be. The books represent an inventory of combinations that merge with each other multiplying endlessly.

Then you will also need to develop your own technique. Every activity that must follow standards benefits from the development of a “technique” that guides it in its practical processes (a know-how to be added to the knowledge). Basically, it’s about trying and then choosing the attempts that led to the best result. A good technique is recognized because it will be effective (it will lead to the result) and efficient (in the shortest possible time). Without a technique, and the necessary training to reach it, the result is random; Proof of this are the many people who speak excellent Italian but can no longer correctly write a concept of meaning. It is not a strange thing: training and confrontation are necessary in whatever skill you want to develop, or maintain.

Said in a brutal way: if you are not used to writing but need a text with impeccable writing, then let an expert write it for you.

Do you organize writing courses?

This is a very frequent question, to which we unfortunately have to answer in a negative way. We are convinced that writing is a skill that can also be taught but not without putting in place a massive dose of time, a resource that is scarce for us instead. But it is not excluded that in the future we can think of proposing an intensive course to share some more specific practical knowledge, such as those related to self-publishing or self-promotion.

If you want to be informed promptly about our future activities, you can subscribe to our mailing list. The list only serves us to stay in touch with our most loyal audience: it does not include periodic mailings and does not convey third-party advertising.

Can you help with thesis?

No, because it would be a scam, both for those who made it for others, and for those who presented it as their own; but also because none of us would relive that dramatic experience, not even for a fair sum of money. Out of the joke, the satisfaction of having written your thesis will be far greater than the effort you will have to sustain to write it, and also to the value of the much money that you would have to pay to have it written by someone else. It is not a question of morality: overcoming an opposition by fighting with your weapons alone will give you the strength to win the other battles that life will ask you to fight. Vice versa, having surrendered to an obstacle that can be overcome (the others make it; you can do it too), would transform your memories of university in the celebration of your weakness. And in the excuse to indulge yourself again in the future.

You could argue that, then, the same argument should also apply to those who want to have an opening speech or a biography written on commission but it is not exact: whoever has to pronounce a public speech, usually does it for profit (in career, in money or prestige) and it is perfectly logical that he should pay attention only to its maximization; while those preparing to write a memoir want to testify to his passing on this earth, and not to prove to someone that he is sufficiently prepared; its target is not composed of a professor and a co-supervisor, as is the case in your case.

You do not consider an entire sector as animal husbandry ethical; means that if I sell cold cuts online, don’t you accept my order?

Exact! It is a modern choice, that of not directly participating in the exploitation of our brothers’ living beings. A choice that is part of our vision of business and life. We work well and we can afford to make a selection: if we consider your business unethical, then we will not work for you. Sometimes we find our customers also through a “push” method; we choose them, by chance, by category, or even by sympathy; after which we contact them and offer them our work. If you have received an email, it means that one of us has visited your site, or viewed your promotional material, and has deemed useful our intervention. But it also means that it has considered your business ethically sustainable. We are not for everyone.

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