Can I have my autobiography written by a ghostwriter?

Besides being a perfectly feasible enterprise, it is also a fairly common practice: the story is full of characters, often illustrious, who have entrusted a paying biographer with the task of telling their lives in a memoir, or in an autobiographical novel. Those characters, evidently, were too busy to live in order to find time to write. Today, technology offers the most varied technical means to gather information (see the next answer), making it possible for us to write a book about your life without even having the pleasure of meeting you in person.

If you wish to publish a memoir, consult our page dedicated to the writing of autobiographies on commission.

The writer must be a ghost for your audience, not for you. Of the ghost writer who will take care of your order you will always know your name, surname, email and telephone number. It is not prudent to trust a totally unknown person, and it would not even be very practical to work together.

How are the rates determined?

Only based on the time required to perform the task satisfactorily for both parties. Any research work preparatory to the drafting of the text is included in the price, so-called ‘forfait’.

Normally, after assessing whether we are able to perform a job, we estimate the time it takes to terminate it and calculate the price based on the amount of the estimated time.

We are reluctant to determine the price of our ‘a folder’ work, a practice rather widespread in the field of ghostwriting, for more than one reason; but we are also perfectly available to adopt this criterion where the client prefers it or the particularity of the situation advises him.

We are not a supermarket: we can be flexible both in determining our rates and in the accepted payment methods, which include installments, trial periods, and the possibility of repayment. We offer discounts to startup companies with less than six months of activity.

Can you translate my book written in Italian, French or Spanish into English?

We guarantee impeccable translations from Italian into English and from Italian into Spanish of biographies, novels, essays, manuals, treatises, scientific articles, formal and informal documents, statutes, missions, magazines, house organs and business cases, service descriptions and products, claims, body copy, opening speeches and product presentations, institutional and commercial websites, commercials and screenplays. To read the references of native speakers who will perform the translations and to know the costs of the service, you can consult the page of our translation service.

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